At a glance: Floyd Democrats meeting Jan. 9, Amateur Photography contest, Recycling meeting in Calhoun, Cedartown employee spotlight

One of the amateur photo entries: Swan Lake at Berry College, Rome by Tabitha Kelly (Cartersville)
One of the amateur photo entries: Swan Lake at Berry College, Rome by Tabitha Kelly (Cartersville)


Here’s what is going across Northwest Georgia:



The Floyd County Democrats’ monthly meeting is moved to next Sat., Jan 9 at 9:30 a.m, at Pullen’s Meeting Room, 10 West 1st Ave. This meeting is rescheduled from today.


The 2016 “Explore Georgia – Spring & Summer” Amateur Photography Contest runs through Mar. 1, 2016 with winners announced during the Northwest Georgia Women’s Expo & Artisans’ Market on March 26th at the Clarence Brown Conference Center. Rules for entry can be found on the Northwest Georgia Women’s Expo Facebook page. First Place Winner receives $100; People’s Choice Winner receives $50 with $1 votes benefiting Relay for Life of Bartow County. One entry per person; must be at least 18 years old to enter. All photos must be emailed to






Gordon County Emergency Management is conducting a damage assessment from the recent flood. If your house or business (no barns, utility buildings, or etc…) has been damaged due to the flood, please contact Richard Cooper at or by phone at 706-879-3081



From City of Cedartown: We wanted to share our December Employee Spotlight with you. We hope you enjoy reading a little bit about just one of the many awesome folks that serve you here at the City of Cedartown. Andre Nicholson really can’t remember a time in his life when he didn’t want to be a police officer. “I think I was always interested in being an officer and working in law enforcement,” Andre recalled. “For me, the best part of it is helping people.”

If we had a time machine, we could fly back to 1997, when Andre was a junior in high school. We would watch a young(er) Andre sign up for the Cedartown Police Department Explorer Program and witness the spark of dedication that would soon set fire to a lifelong career. The Explorer’s program caters to middle school and high school boys and girls who are interested in law enforcement. Needless to say, the program was a perfect fit for Andre. He was one of the program’s first members. Within two years of graduation from high school — two years that included service as the city’s dog catcher — Andre completed and graduated from the police academy and was hired on as an officer at the Cedartown Police Department.

These days, Andre serves as a sergeant. In his role, he ensures that other officers have the training and certifications needed to be the best they can be. And as fate would have it, Andre now coordinates the very program that started him off on his police career — the Explorer Program. “I have about 10 or 11 boys and girls that I work with in the program,” he explained. “All of them seem genuinely interested in continuing in law enforcement work.” Most folks have seen the Explorers out and about, serving the community while learning about the duties of an officer. “They help a lot during parades and special events, and they also travel to competitions every year to show off what they’ve learned.”

When he’s not serving the residents of Cedartown or mentoring future cops, Andre enjoys cooking. He’s well known for firing up the grill outside the police precinct, sizzling and serving up burgers and steaks.



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