Crimewatch: Reports from the Floyd, Bartow, Polk county jails and from Cartersville Police, updated up to five times daily.

Crimewatch: Reports from the Floyd, Bartow, Polk county jails and from Cartersville Police, updated up to five times daily.

About this report: We update CrimeWatch around 5:30 each weekday morning as well as at 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. We also add the Bartow County Jail report between 5:30 and 6 a.m. weekday mornings and throughout the weekend. The Polk County Jail report usually is posted between 8 and 9 a.m. weekdays. These reports are posted exactly as we receive them from the law enforcement community.

Floyd County Jail

4 a.m.

8 a.m.

8 p.m.

Polk County Jail report



Cartersville Police reports

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Bartow County Jail report:

PhotoNameIn CustodyRaceGenderHeightWeightMultiple Bookings
1DE07SASAVENDANO, CARLOSWhiteMale5′ 6″185.0 lbs
1DE07SCPBANKS, JONATHAN DENNISYesBlackMale5′ 11″165.0 lbs
1DE07S7YBARRON, ANTHONY ANDREWWhiteMale5′ 3″125.0 lbs
1DE07SAJCARTER, KAYLON ANTWONBlackMale5′ 10″160.0 lbs
1DE07S7IDAVIS, JOHNATHAN LAMARYesBlackMale5′ 6″155.0 lbs
1DE07RKLFLOYD, DARION LASHAWNBlackMale5′ 5″130.0 lbs
1DE07SBDGLASS, TERI LYNNYesWhiteFemale5′ 2″150.0 lbs
1DE07SCHGODFREY, JUSTIN HARRYYesWhiteMale5′ 9″160.0 lbs
1DE07S86HALE, BREANNA SELENEWhiteFemale5′ 3″138.0 lbs
1DE07SBWHUNT, TERRY DEWAYNEYesBlackMale5′ 9″160.0 lbs
1DE07S5FJAMISON, MARCUS ANTOINEBlackMale5′ 9″200.0 lbs
1DE07RYOJONES, BRANDON MICHAELYesWhiteMale5′ 8″140.0 lbs
1DE07RLELOPEZ, LUISYesWhiteMale5′ 6″180.0 lbs
1DE07SA8MARTIN, RODNEY KYLEYesWhiteMale5′ 8″132.0 lbs
MATTHEWS, PRESTON MONTYYesWhiteMale5′ 9″160.0 lbs
1DE07RK1MOORE, JATERRYOUS DEVONYesBlackMale5′ 9″140.0 lbs
1DE07RRPOCHOA, LAWANDA JANEYesWhiteFemale5′ 8″200.0 lbs
1DE07SA1PERRY, MARVINYesBlackMale5′ 9″165.0 lbs
1DE07RULREED, CHRISTOPHER LEEYesWhiteMale5′ 6″165.0 lbs
1DE07SB8SCRUTCHINS, ZA’MEA NICOLBlackFemale5′ 6″150.0 lbs
1DE07S6TSMITH, TABITHA LATRICEBlackFemale5′ 2″140.0 lbs
1DE07SCLSMITHERS, MICHAEL DWAYNEYesWhiteMale5′ 8″170.0 lbs
1DE07S36SUTTON, JAMES MICHAELYesWhiteMale6′ 1″185.0 lbs
THOMAS, RONNIE JAMALLYesBlackMale5′ 7″190.0 lbs
1DE07SC8VASQUEZ, EDGARYesWhiteMale6′ 1″215.0 lbs
1DE07S3XWATERFORD, TENNETTE SHACOLAYesBlackFemale5′ 5″144.0 lbs
1DE07S1LWOODALL, WILLIAM RANDYYesWhiteMale5′ 10″198.0 lbs
1DE07RLWWOODS, KENNETH BLAKEBlackMale5′ 5″170.0 lbs
1DE07RL6WOODS, NORMAWhiteFemale5′ 3″170.0 lbs



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