Dining: Mountains is a modern spin on an old-fashioned ice cream shop (be sure to try the Michigan Pot Hole Ex).


Decisions, decisions: It’s a tough call when deciding which scoop — or which dessert — to order at Mountains on Broad Street next to Johnny’s New York Style Pizza. Hometown photo.


It was a busy Saturday evening on Broad Street. A few graduation errands had been successfully completed and, to celebrate, we were heading to Mountains Old Fashioned Ice Cream store at 231 Broad St. next to Craze.

Parking was a challenge and for good reason. The normal dinner rush. Model High students taking pictures around Town Green. A production at the DeSoto. No complaints, even when three trips around the 200 block failed to produce a parking space.

So the plan was to drop two of us off to secure a few cones while the other circled. “Chocolate, please,” was the driver’s request. The goal: Eat it on the way home or pull over once we found a spot.

A scoop of Michigan Pot Hole EX is the freshest waffle cone we ever had. Hometown photo. 

By chance, a parking space opened on Broad Street on the next orbit so in walked the driver to be greeted by a huge waffle cone of Michigan Pot Hole EX — seriously. Translated, that means “chocolate ice cream with chocolate-flavored cookie swirl and thick fudge cups. Simply delicious and just 240 calories per scoop. (Perhaps the name could be localized a bit, though, to “Second Avenue Drain Grate Dropoffs”).

But more about the shop itself. With the look is fresh and modern, the feel is the old-time shop in a downtown neighborhood or even a strip center. Between tables and chairs lining the wall, there’s probably enough room for maybe  20 people to sit and eat (more space outside). The ice cream coolers and counter are the center of attraction and one of the big pluses is a freshly pressed waffle cone. Fresh as in you can feel a little bit of heat even after it is filled with a scoop of ice cream.

So what’s available:

Ice cream: $2.99 one scoop, $3.99 two scoops, $4.99 three scoops.

Waffle cone: 99 cents extra (you’ll want one).

Banana Split: Three scoops and toppings, $5.99.

Milk shakes, either standard $4.89 or premium ice cream, $5.29.

Traditional sundaes (vanilla ice cream only; with fudge, carmel or strawberry): $3.69 one scoop; $4.99 two scoops. Specialty sundaes (any ice cream, same toppings): $3.99 for one scoop, $5.29 for two scoops.

Root beer float (scoop of vanilla only), $4.99

About our bill: Our order — three waffle cones, one scoop each — came to under $12 before tax and tip. Worth every penny.

What to know: There is no shortage of cool calories in downtown Rome and surrounding neighborhoods. You have Frios gourmet pops, City Creamery, Rock-n-Roll Ice Cream Rolls, gelato at Honeymoon Bakery, frozen yogurt at Sweet Frog or Jandy’s, even mud pie at Moe’s Original BBQ (or banana pudding). No wrong option, that’s for sure, but if you’re looking for traditional, hand-scooped ice cream in a great waffle cone (or container) with both a vintage feel and modern look, this is your next dessert stop. Someone in our household went three times in under 24 hours (but only ate twice).

Hours: Monday-Thursday, 11 a.m.-9 p.m.; Friday-Saturday: 11 a.m.-11 p.m.; Sunday: 1-7 p.m.

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