Polk Police report documents two confrontations with Kimberley McCann on Sunday; officers nearly arrested her; one says he drew his revolver as it appeared she had a weapon.

Polk Police report documents two confrontations with Kimberley McCann on Sunday; officers nearly arrested her; one says he drew his revolver as it appeared she had a weapon.

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Investigators continue to assemble exactly what happened on Monday to trigger a 17-mile chase that ended with a Cedartown woman shooting at law enforcement officers at U.S. 411 and the Bypass, ending with her death as four officers returned fire.

The Polk County Police Department documented two visits to the home of Kimberley R. McCann at 676 Harris Circle, one Sunday morning and one Sunday afternoon. The following reports document a profanity-filled series of exchanges as well as McCann telling officers that she was an Air Force veteran who suffered from PTSD.

The report goes on to suggest she was nearly arrested for disorderly conduct; that at one point an officer drew his weapon as she appeared to be armed; that McCann had twice been in touch with a Veterans Crisis Line; and that her family reported she had been in treatment and that they would get her to a doctor.

Twenty-four hours after the second call to her Cedartown home, McCann died from gunshot injuries following a chase triggered by her reportedly speeding in a school zone in Cave Spring. The report:

What Polk County Police Sgt. Wayne Breeden’s report says:

On 05-06-17 (18) at 10:26, I was dispatched to the above location for a report of a heated domestic dispute in which the suspect
had witnessed across the street from her residence. While Officer (Cory) Mitchell was talking to the subjects involved in the domestic, I
walked back down and spoke to the suspect.

Suspect was standing toward the end of her driveway. I wanted to ask her exactly what she had witnessed. I noticed that she was sweating and her hands were shaking. I asked her if she was OK and she stated that she was OK and that she had PTSD. I asked her if I could ask her what she was suffering PTSD from and she stated the military. I then asked her what branch of service and she stated that she served in the Air Force. I said, “Oh really, the chair force?’ and she smiled and said yes she loved her chair. I told her that Officer Mitchell and myself were both Army vets. She smiled and told me that she did not like the Cedartown Police Department because they had her admitted to the hospital but we were OK. I then told her that I was going to go back up to the residence of the domestic to speak to Officer Mitchell and for her to stay at her driveway and he would come get her information when he was done.

She stated that she would and that she was going to go sit by her fountain because it made her relax. I then walked back up to Officer Mitchell`s location. A little while later, while talking with the subjects involved in the domestic, the suspect walked up to the end of the driveway and yelled at us, “When are y’all going to come take my f—— report?” The suspect was being loud and boisterous, and was doing this in the view of the other residents in the area.

Suspect was asked by Officer Mitchell not to curse and that he would come get her information. As I turned around and walked down the driveway toward Officer Mitchell and the suspect, I noticed that Officer Mitchell was looking down writing on his note pad and the suspect had her hands held up shooting the bird toward the people involved in the domestic dispute.

I did tell her that she was not going to do that and to go back to her home.

Officer Mitchell and I were finished talking with the subjects involved in the domestic dispute so we walked the suspect back down to her driveway just off the roadway. I told her that Officer Mitchell was ready to get her information and she stated that she was not going to talk to him but she would talk to me. I then told her OK but she could not stand outside and curse at people.

She stated that she could do what she wanted to because she was on her own “f—— property” and that we could not do anything about it. I then asked her for her information and she said her name so fast that it could not be understood. When I asked her to repeat it she
became more angry and started cursing more. I then told her to stop cursing or go into the house. She turned to walk away toward
the residence and started cursing. She walked into the garage.

I and officer Mitchell then went to go get in the vehicle to leave when she walked back out into the driveway toward us and started yelling obscenities again. I then told Officer Mitchell that she was going to be arrested for disorderly conduct. As we got out of the vehicle and walked toward the suspect she took off running back into her garage and into her residence. Officer Mitchell chased after her but was unable to make contact with her before she shut her door and locked it. She then attempted to lock us in the garage and I opened the door to walk out.

Officer Mitchell and I then walked back to the roadway as the suspect shut the garage door after we walked out. The suspect came back out of her residence again, this time from the back door of the residence, cursing and yelling at us as she walked up the driveway toward us. I started walking toward her and she turned and then went back to the back of her residence and went back inside her home.

I walked up to the door and talked to her through the back glass French door. She told me that I was trespassing on her property and that she had a gun and was going to get her phone to call Johnny Moats. I instructed her that she was going to be arrested for disorderly conduct if she came back outside cursing and she stated that she was not coming out. I then had 911 to get a sheriff`s deputy to be en route to the residence.

Upon Sgt McKinney’s arrival on scene, I told him what was going on. I ask him to talk to the suspect to get her to calm down
and come back out. I walked around to the back of the residence with him as he began to talk with the suspect. I stood back so that she
could not see me and so I could watch the deputy. I watched as Sgt. McKinney removed his weapon from his holster and heard him tell
her not to do that as he backed off of the porch. Sgt McKinney stated that she had something in her hand that appeared to be a weapon
but did not point it at him. All officers and deputies backed away from the residence and took up around the home, keeping cover. I
talked to Sgt McKinney to find out if the suspect had pointed her weapon at him and he stated no.

We waited a little while then I called all the officers back up to the roadway. I instructed them that this was a misdemeanor charge and we would leave the scene and allow the suspect to calm down.

I did not know what the suspect’s name was and she called herself Kim. She would not give us her information. I then went online to the Polk County Tax Assessors web page and put her address in. I found out the her name was Kimberly McCann.

After leaving the scene and answering another call, I was notified by 911 to give them a call. I spoke with our dispatcher and she told me that the VA Crisis Center had called them stating that the suspect had called stating that she wanted to kill herself and she had weapons and if the police came to her home, she would shoot them.

I had 911 to connect me to the caller. I spoke to the manager named Joyce. She stated that another caller had taken the call from the suspect and they felt that they had calmed her down. She then put me on the line with the counselor that spoke to the suspect. She stated that the suspect had been diagnosed with a metal disorder and was unsure if she had been taking her meds. She stated that Ms. McCann told them that she did own several firearms and assured them that they were secured inside her safe. They also stated that they did get a safety plan with her to follow up with her doctor. She did state that she felt that the suspect needed to get help from a doctor and that she did make threats to harm officers if they returned to her home. I did notify my supervisor of the incident.

While finishing the report at 676 Harris Circle, I made my way to get information from Ms. McCann who was arguing with
Mr. Hulsey and Ms. Ecutia while standing in the roadway just before the driveway of 676 Harris Circle. As I approached, Ms. McCann
stated that I need to come and take her “f——- information.” I advised Ms. McCann that she will not use that type of language with
me or tell when to take the report. Ms. McCann refused to give any personal information and proceeded to walk back to her residence.

From Officer Cory Gene Mitchell:

Once back in her driveway, Ms. McCann did say her name and date of birth in a manner that was too fast to comprehend. When asked
to repeat herself, Ms. McCann stated that she would not tell us her name. Ms. McCann used provoking language and had erratic hand
gestures. Ms. McCann was advised to calm down and to go back inside her residence.

Ms. McCann began to walk to her residence while myself and Sgt. Breeden began to enter the patrol vehicle. As I opened the driver side door of the patrol vehicle, Ms. McCann began to tell me, in a loud voice to which the neighbors could hear, that I needed to “f—— leave” and that I had “no f—— business being there.”

Sgt. Breeden did tell me to arrest her for disorderly conduct. I turned around to face Ms. McCann. As I walked toward her, she began to run away from me, heading toward her residence. I did chase Ms. McCann from her driveway, through her garage where she shut the glass door stopping me from making an arrest. I did turn around and began to make my way back to the roadway.

Once back to the patrol vehicle, Sgt. Breeden asked 911 if a S.O. deputy was available. While standing in the roadway next to the patrol
vehicle I did see Ms. McCann exit her garage while holding a four foot water hose attachment used to water flowers. Ms. McCann
stated that she had a concealed weapons permit and that she would shoot anyone who stepped on her property. Ms. McCann re-entered
her residence and sat down in front of a window and began to use her cell phone.

Sgt McKinney arrived on scene and was informed of the situation. Sgt. McKinney and Sgt. Breeden walked down the
driveway toward the back entrance from the right side of Ms. McCann’s residence. I walked around to the back entrance of Ms.
McCann’s residence to the left side. Sgt McKinney knocked on the back door. Ms. McCann came to the door but did not open it. Sgt
McKinney told Ms. McCann not to do it and drew his firearm. I asked Sgt. McKinney if she had a gun and he stated that she had what
looked like a semi automatic handgun. I advised 911 that Ms. McCann had a firearm in her possession. Sgt. Breeden told everyone to
back off and hold security around the perimeter of the residence.

After about 10 minutes of holding security, Sgt. Breeden advised for all units to return back to his location at the patrol vehicle. Once at the patrol vehicles, Sgt Breeden advised all units to return to service and allow the incident to end.

On 05-06-18 at 15:15 hours (3:15 p.m.), I along with other officers were dispatched back out to the area 602 Harris Xircle for a report of
shots fired. Complainant told 911 that he and his wife heard a single shot that sounded like it came from next door but they did not see
anyone shoot. Upon arrival on the scene, I and other officers took up around the residence. I along with Officer Robinson, Mitchell
and Sgt. McKinney went around to the back of the residence. I and Officer Robinson went up to the back door and looked in. We did
not see anyone but we heard the dogs barking inside.

A few seconds later, we heard the suspect yell, “Who is it?” I backed off the porch while Officer Robinson got the female subject to come to the door. He asked her if she was OK and told her that we were there because someone heard a gun shot. She told him the she was OK . Officer Robinson stated that she looked OK and did not appear to be injured.

I did get the suspect’s mothers phone number from one of the neighbors. I called and spoke to a Mrs. Sharon Bauer. I told her
what had been going on with her daughter. She told me that her daughter had spent some time in a metal institute at Grady this past
year and that she got like this when she started drinking. Mrs. Bauer asked me if could tell if she had been drinking and I told her that I
did not detect the odor of a alcoholic beverage coming from her breath or person. Mrs. Bauer stated that she would get her son to talk
to her and get her some help.

Around 16:56  hours (4:56 p.m.), I was notifed by 911 that Ms McCann`s brother was on the phone and wanted to speak to me. I instructed 911 to put him through to my phone. His name was Sean Bauer and he was calling me from his home in Florida. Mr. Bauer asked me what was going on. I asked him if he had spoken to his mother and he stated that he had. I told him about the incident from earlier and about what I had been told by the VA Crisis line. He told me that he would call her and try to get her some help.”

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