Crimewatch: Updated five times daily; reports from the Floyd, Bartow, Polk county jails and from Cartersville Police.

Crimewatch: Updated five times daily; reports from the Floyd, Bartow, Polk county jails and from Cartersville Police.

About this report: We update CrimeWatch around 5:30 each weekday morning as well as at 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. We also add the Bartow County Jail report between 5:30 and 6 a.m. weekday mornings and throughout the weekend. The Polk County Jail report usually is posted between 8 and 9 a.m. weekdays. These reports are posted exactly as we receive them from the law enforcement community.

Floyd County Jail

4 a.m.

8 a.m.

8 p.m.

Polk County Jail report


Cartersville Police reports

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Bartow County Jail report:

PhotoNameIn CustodyRaceGenderHeightWeightMultiple Bookings
1DE076G4ALLEN, COLLINSWOOD NMNYesBlackMale5′ 8″222.0 lbs
1DE076JFARNOLD, DRAKE MONTEGOBlackMale5′ 8″180.0 lbs
1DE076BPAUTEN, RANDY ALLENYesWhiteMale5′ 10″180.0 lbs
1DE076GOAYERS, LEKEIGHTON RASHADYesBlackMale5′ 10″160.0 lbs
1DE076HMBAXTER, ANDREW WAYNEYesWhiteMale5′ 6″185.0 lbs
1DE076DKBENNETT, KACY RENEYesWhiteFemale5′ 3″160.0 lbs
1DE076DGBENNETT, SAMUEL WESLEYYesWhiteMale5′ 8″210.0 lbs
1DE076EUBROCK, CHARLES ALLENYesWhiteMale5′ 11″180.0 lbs
1DE076EEBROWN, LARRY DWAYNEYesWhiteMale5′ 5″165.0 lbs
1DE076JIBRYANT, LARRY CANTRELYesBlackMale5′ 9″165.0 lbs
COLLINS, WILLIAM HENRYYesWhiteMale6′ 0″210.0 lbs
1DE076E0CORNETTE, WENDY MICHELLEYesWhiteFemale5′ 2″110.0 lbs
1DE076EZCOUNCIL, DORIAN LAMARYesBlackMale5′ 11″200.0 lbs
1DE076KGEARWOOD, MINDY NICOLEYesWhiteFemale5′ 2″150.0 lbs
1DE076JSFLOYD, MATTHEW MANDRALL JuniorYesBlackMale5′ 6″134.0 lbs
1DE076JBGARRETT, ANTHONY SHAWNWhiteMale5′ 10″155.0 lbs
1DE0760IHALL, ADAM BENNETTYesWhiteMale6′ 1″200.0 lbs
1DE076BUHANNAH, RALPH EDWARDYesWhiteMale6′ 2″200.0 lbs
1DE076J6JOHNSON, JAKHYMBAI PATRICKYesBlackMale5′ 10″150.0 lbs
LAU, SHANNA ELIZABETHYesWhiteFemale5′ 9″150.0 lbs
1DE076HJLEBOEUF, MEGAN ANNWhiteFemale5′ 10″216.0 lbs
1DE075XMLEWIS, ALEXANDRIA JORDANYesWhiteFemale4′ 11″135.0 lbs
1DE076JMMARSHALL, SIRANDON DEWAYNEYesBlackMale6′ 0″180.0 lbs
1DE076FCMORRIS, NATASHA LYNNYesWhiteFemale4′ 11″85.0 lbs
1DE076BJMURRAY III, JOHN MADISONYesWhiteMale6′ 2″350.0 lbs
1DE076E5NIPPER, ASHLEY NICOLEYesWhiteFemale5′ 8″135.0 lbs
1DE076JPPERKINS, RICKY LAMARWhiteMale6′ 3″180.0 lbs
1DE075W5PUTZ, CHRISTOPHER ROBERTYesWhiteMale5′ 9″180.0 lbs
1DE076JZREYES, MANUEL SANABRIAYesWhiteMale5′ 8″210.0 lbs
1DE076GKROBERTS, PAUL RANDALLYesWhiteMale6′ 2″198.0 lbs
ROSE, MICHAEL CHRISTOPHERYesWhiteMale6′ 0″145.0 lbs
1DE076FZSIMPSON, ERIC ANDREYesBlackMale5′ 10″155.0 lbs
1DE076HDTHOMPSON, BRITTANY MICHELEYesWhiteFemale5′ 6″165.0 lbs
1DE004R6THOMPSON, LEWIS ODELLYesWhiteMale5′ 7″160.0 lbs
1DE076HATOLBERT, JANEYSHA TYYKILABlackFemale5′ 2″160.0 lbs
1DE076F4VERON, ROSA LEEWhiteFemale5′ 3″136.0 lbs
1DE076FTWHITMAN, TONY RANDALLYesWhiteMale5′ 5″160.0 lbs


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