Health: Floyd Medical Center seeks OK for $25 million open heart surgery program.

Health: Floyd Medical Center seeks OK for $25 million open heart surgery program.

Perhaps you saw this one was coming. In November, Redmond Regional Medical Center filed a certificate of need with the state Department of Community Health to open a $22 million prenatal unit. A decision is expected in late March and Floyd Medical Center — known in the region for birthing services — has filed opposition to the plan.

So now comes a $25 million bid from Floyd with a letter of intent to the same office to perform open heart surgery at the hospital. Redmond is known as the heart hospital and is anchoring heart health events here this month. The Floyd application was not included in the Jan. 30 report from the Department of Community Health (for the week of Jan. 24-30). Click CON

Kurt Stuenkel, Floyd’s president and chief executive officer, posted an online column Wednesday afternoon about the application. A few excerpts follow:

“Floyd already has a successful cardiology program that provides diagnostic and interventional services in our three cardiac catheterization labs, including angioplasty and the placement of stents and pacemakers. Now Floyd is proposing to spend $25 million to construct new space to accommodate open heart surgery. The details of the program will be explained in the CON application.

“We have numerous patients who receive cardiology services already at Floyd, and if they need cardiac surgery we must transfer them to another hospital.┬áThis would be unnecessary with our new program.”


We expect the CON application, due later this month, to be challenged by Redmond. It’s going to be an interesting year in local healthcare.

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