Business: Colosseum Escape Rooms coming to Broad Street by early December. What to know.

Business: Colosseum Escape Rooms coming to Broad Street by early December. What to know.


The Colosseum Escape Room should open at 608 Broad St. in the former home of Cycle Therapy during the first week of December. Photos by Missy Alford.

Mark Ellison and Spencer Thomas are bringing Northwest Georgia’s first full-time “escape room” to Broad Street with a projected opening in the first week of December.

Colosseum Escape Rooms is undergoing final prep work at 608 Broad St., the former home of Cycle Therapy (now at Central Plaza). Ellison says guests will find two options — a “starter” room with clues and interactive puzzles to help guests and groups learn to navigate their escape and the “code breaker” room that is more challenging, again with puzzles, clues and other steps. The latter scenario puts you into a room created by a World War II code breaker.

Each room holds up to eight people and guests will have up to an hour to find their way out, using necessary clues along the way. Each visit costs $25, he says.

Ellison and Thomas are working on final plans but hope to open Colosseum  Thursdays through Sundays with evening hours on Thursday and Friday, all day Saturday and then afternoons on Sundays. It will be available for birthday parties as well as corporate retreats.

Ellison, who first came to Rome in 2008 via Winshape and returned for good in 2011, says the idea comes from a team building exercise where “the leadership team had to work together to solve the room.”

A website is under construction and details on it as well as a phone number will be posted on the building as opening day nears, he says.

A Facebook page has been created and has some additional photographs as well as temporary information.

Background: You might have had a chance to sample another escape room in recent weeks. The Floyd County Sheriff’s Office had one at Coosa Valley Fair last month.

“Moonshiner Bob’s Lost Cabin” and what’s inside. In between cans of Vienna sausages (regular, not barbecue), he’s on the hunt and knows where to look — the Coosa Valley Fair set for Oct. 3-7 in Rome. You and some friends can become part of the posse as you’ll have five minutes to “escape” from the lost cabin, also known as Rome/Floyd County’s first “escape room.” Carefully crafted and sponsored by the Floyd County Sheriff’s Office, the escape room will be at the fair each day with a separate admission price of $7.50 for adults and $5 for students. The goal is to find key items, thwart different challenges and clear the room before 300 seconds expire. “Your mission: Locate the cabin, find the cash and ecsape before “Moonshiner Bob” gets you. The “Lost Cabin” replaces the sheriff’s former ZombieLand fund-raiser. Even better: It is mobile so it can be set up again and again, adds Maj. Bob Sapp, commander of the Floyd County Jail.



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