Updated campaign finance reports: Davis’ war chest at $24,876 for commission run; Uldrick leads School Board hopefuls with $10,400. Also: 11 of 21 total candidates say they won’t raise, spend more than $2,500.

Updated campaign finance reports: Davis’ war chest at $24,876 for commission run; Uldrick leads School Board hopefuls with $10,400. Also: 11 of 21 total candidates say they won’t raise, spend more than $2,500.

The Sept. 30 round of financial disclosure forms for the six Rome City Commission and 15 School Board races are now on file at the city clerk’s office. The deadline was Sept. 30 but candidates have until Oct. 6 to provide the updates. Hometown Headlines made a check of the candidate reports last Wednesday morning and again on Monday, Oct. 9.

Here’s what we found so far including campaign contributions and expenditures through Sept. 30 as well as remaining funds in the campaign accounts as of that date. We’ve added several notes from those reports to several candidate updates as well.


Seven seats, 15 candidates

Ten of the 15 candidates, rather than file campaign contribution and expenditure reports, filed an affidavit saying they did not plan to raise or spend more than $2,500 (see above image). The state now exempts candidates from filing finance reports if they stay under both limits. Among them doing so: Faith Collins, Melissa Davis, Elaina Beeman, Richard Dixon, David Ehrler, Valerie Howard, Eric McDowell, Jim O’Hara, Ron Roach and Dale Swann.

Will Byington, an incumbent who was appointed to the board in September 2016.

  • Contributions: $4,074 (appears to be a loan to his own campaign).
  • Expenditures: $4,074. Most of that — $3,942 — is for sign from Hi-Tech. You might recall Byington had to replace his signs after the word “re-elect” was included in the originals. Byington was appointed to the School Board 13 months ago.
  • One note on Byington’s report. He lists his business interests as chief executive officer of the Rome Touchdown Club (he works for Floyd Medical Center). The Georgia Secretary of State’s Office lists Byington not only as the CEO but also as the chief financial officer and secretary. The state license was first registered on March 26, 2015, six weeks after John Reid was named Rome High’s seventh football coach. The state license was renewed earlier this year and the club is identified as a domestic nonprofit corporation.

Jill Fisher, challenger. Many of her contributions have come from the medical community (her husband is a dentist in Rome).

  • Contributions: $3,795. Contributors of $250 each include Hollye Smith, the Garrett family, the Galysh family, the Dillmon family and the Piller family; $200, the Baggett family, the Molnar family, the Bennett family and the Barasoain family; $150, Richard Wright.
  • Expenditures: $3,195. Hi-Tech, $1,782; Caldwell Printing, $671; High Voltage, $326; and a refund to self for $350 in expenses.
  • In the bank: $600.

Alvin Jackson, challenger. Also served on the SPLOST advisory committee in 2017.

  • Contributions: $3,750. Bob Finnell, $2,000; Ronald Brand, $300; David Newby, $200. Also: $1,000 family loan.
  • Expenditures: $1,204. Includes $1,204 for signs from Hi-Tech.
  • In the bank: $3,238.

J.J. Seifert, challenger, a Rome attorney.

  • Contributions: $3,535. Donors: $3,000 loan to her campaign. $250 inkind donation, Shadae Warren.
  • Expenditures: $3,073. Including: Hi-Tech Signs, $2,766 and $267.
  • In the bank: $462.

John Uldrick, challenger.

  • Contributions: $10,400. Donors: $2,600: Rick Sargent. $2,600: Ruthann Sargent. $1,000, the Owens family. $500: The Douglass family, Julia Girard. $300: Wilana Holdings. $250: Hollye Smith. $200: Stephanie Lewis, the Keith family, Gwen Stephens.
  • Expenditures: $4,797. Includes: Hi-Tech Signs ($1,145, $442, $749); Expression, $281; Mellow Mushroom, $321; Lamar Advertising, $650; High Voltage, $216; Perfect Imprints, $315; Wallis Printing, $239.
  • In the bank: $5,603.


Three seats representing Ward Two, six candidates

Wendy Davis, incumbent.

  • Contributions: $24,876. Donors include: $1,471 (inkind) VocalFi; $800 (in kind) Shadae Yancey-Warren; $600, Debbie Peppers; $500, Terrell Shaw, David Worley; $250, Carter Custom Carpet, Bob Finch, Dubose Porter, Will Seifert, Ashley Barron, Ken Fuller, Bob Davis, John Noel; $225, Joe Binns; $200, Buford Harbin, Juliane Illari, Earl Parris, Chris Freeman, Charles Graves; $150, Clark Jones; $125, Kristin Oblander; $100, Eugenio Barnet-Contina, Friends of Bob Puckett, Christina Bucher, Quida Dickey, Jim Coonan, Wayne Smooth; $50, Bob Dickey.
  • Expenditures: $15,973: Including $2,250, Ruth Demeter (consultant); $1,597, Vincent Olsziewski (campaign); $677, Sign Design; Hometown Headlines (advertising); $414, Monica Sheppard (design work); $300, self.
  • In the bank: $8,903.

Jamie Doss, incumbent, also the commission’s elected mayor.

  • Contributions: $1,102. Bill O’Dell, $250; Dr. Toby Megan, $200. Candidate paid own qualifying fee, $252.
  • Expenditures: $1,006. Hi-Tech for signs.
  • In the bank: $96.

Bill Kerestes, a challenger, has filed the $2,500 affidavit (see above).

Sue Lee, incumbent.

  • Contributions: $636. Includes $536 loan to herself.
  • Expenditures: $636. Includes $100 at Home Depot; $150 for sign at the Coosa Valley Fair; $65 for printing.
  • In the bank: Zero.

Randy Quick, challenger.

  • Contributions: $8,550. Donors of $500 include The Toole family, Delos Yancey, Linda Walraven. $400: Bill Burk. $250: Christopher Coomer, Paul Ferguson. $200: Leigh Patterson, Cecil Burk, Mary Louise Lever. $150: Parnick Jennings Jr.  Loan to self: $5,000.
  • Expenditures: $2,342. Advertising Dynamics
  • In the bank: $6,138.

Monica Sheppard, challenger.

  • Contributions: $3,745. Donors of $250 each were Michael Bailey, Scott Bentley. $200: Allison Hunter. $150: Devon Smith, Joe Cook.
  • Expenditures: $500, Hi-Tech (signs); $223 website design (Lillian Shaw); $205, Sports Plus (T-shirts).
  • In the bank: $2,056.
  • Note: Sheppard’s report was filed electronically with the state ethics commission, listed as a county commission candidate. The reports for the city races must go through the city clerk’s office.


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