Dining: Rock n Roll Ice Cream Rolls has a rockin’ opening on Tuesday. Big crowd waited patiently to try a new spin on ice cream (and it is a good one). Quick video, five photos.

Dining: Rock n Roll Ice Cream Rolls has a rockin’ opening on Tuesday. Big crowd waited patiently to try a new spin on ice cream (and it is a good one). Quick video, five photos.

Above: A video showing you just how an ice cream roll comes together. By Jack Druckenmiller

Rock n Roll Ice Cream Rolls opened with a bang Tuesday at 326 Broad St. Photo by Jack Druckenmiller
As previewed in the above video, the cream is poured on a subfreezing surface to begin the process. Photo by Jack Druckenmiller
The rolls are just part of the story. The toppings also add a personalized taste. Photo by Jack Druckenmiller
And this is what you get with vanilla ice cream rolls with Nutella syrup sprinkled with Reece’s Cup, Kit Kat Bar, and some M&M minis. Photo by Jack Druckenmiller
Was it worth the wait, especially with each serving taking at least four minutes? Heck yes. Photo by Jack Druckenmiller


Our exclusive post about Rock n Roll Ice Cream Rolls coming to 326 Broad St. was one of the best read items of the summer. The sequel is now here — the opening — and it tastes better than imagined.

Rock n Roll, next to Greene’s Jewelers, is one of the latest concepts from Tony and Moe Jasir, the same brother duo behind Rome’s Jerusalem Grill and the soon-to-open Jerusalem Express also in the 300 block of Broad. The discovered the concept while on vacation in Chicago and spent more than a year pulling some ideas together to make it happen. A few last-minute bumps delayed the opening but once that door was unlocked and paper off the windows, people lined up.

How does it work? Here’s Tony’s description from an earlier interview with Hometown Headlines: “We will actually be making the ice cream from scratch. We will have a flat top that is minus 30 degrees Fahrenheit and will pour the liquid ice cream mixture onto the flat top where it freezes … you will actually get it watch it freeze while we roll it on the flat top. We will roll it off into a cup and then you can add toppings of your choice.” It takes around three to four minutes to freeze and then roll. Just add toppings and you’re in.

How does it taste? Broad Street isn’t the place for a diet, let’s be honest. In addition to some great restaurants and craft beer, we’ve seen a (sugar) rush of dessert-style shops, too. Honeymoon Bakery set the pace more than 10 years ago in the 200 block of Broad. Since then, Frios Gourmet Pops and The Creamery have opened. Cupcakes Around the Corner gave a brick-and-mortar spot a spin but is mobile again. Frozen yogurt is nearby, courtesy of Jandy’s and SweetFrog. And then there’s the two-year-old Sweet Bar. And Dairy Queen.

  • All good, all with their fans.
  • But this is different. This is a true ice cream (taking nothing away from Honeymoon’s gelato or The Creamery) and it borrows nicely from either the Moe’s-customize-your-burrito concept or the fixings at the yogurt shops. But at the base is the ice cream taste, now packaged in a roll-like format in a cup. The syrups and even some of the toppings find just enough room to edge through to the bottom. And there’s plenty more on top that stay there unless you clear out a roll or two to mix them in. This is going to be a hit with the traditionalist ice cream fan.

About the experience: Be patient, especially in these opening weeks. This isn’t fast food and there’s no nozzle to pull to select your favorite flavor or mixed flavors. The subfreezing counter quickly is cleaned and then coated with the cream. Even with a quick freeze, it has to be harvested and then put into the cup. The toppings come next. All in all, four minutes plus per person with two serving areas. Best bet: Know exactly what you want when you get into line.

The cost: $5.99 for five rolls and toppings. Our order of three, with a tip, was around $22. We’ll be back.

Hours: (Tentative) Monday-Thursday from noon until 8 p.m. and Friday-Saturday from noon until 11 p.m. Closed on Sundays.


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