Dining: ‘Everyting Natural Juice Bar’ opens in Calhoun. In Rome, work begins on 50th Knights of Columbus Labor Day Barbecue.

Dining: ‘Everyting Natural Juice Bar’ opens in Calhoun. In Rome, work begins on 50th Knights of Columbus Labor Day Barbecue.

MEveryting Natural Juice Bar & Eateryake that a wheatgrass shot with a carrot/beet chaser, please: That order will get you a few smiles, for sure, especially at Everyting Natural Juice Bar (no H is correct) at 111 N. Wall St. The health food bar and cafe is now open in downtown Calhoun and is getting a nice buzz (On Facebook: 25 reviews so far with an overall five-star rating).It’s big on fruit juices and vegetable juices (My Sweet Darling with pineapple, apple and ginger or Detox Me with carrot and one of the following: Spinach, kale, chard or lettuce). On the menu: Spicy baked patties, at $2.85 each, which features “a pastry that contains a chicken or vegetarian filling and spices baked inside a flaky shell. It is made like a turnover but savory instead of sweet. Selection: Curry Chicken, Jerk Chicken, Spinach (vegan) and Soya (vegan).” The lunch special includes a patty of your choice and a 16-ounce fruit juice for $5.50. Hours: 9:30 a.m.-7:30 p.m. Monday-Thursday; until 2 p.m. Friday; closed Saturday and Sunday. Website /  Menu

The hickory wood is on the way. Propane gas tanks are being filled. An extra vat is being added to increase the gallons of Brunswick stew on sale this year. Just about all that’s left is the cooking and eat.

Media release: The print on this year’s tickets for the Knights of Columbus Labor Day Barbecue has a golden tint.

One reason is that next Monday’s event marks the 50th year of serving Rome’s best barbecue, Brunswick stew and sides.

Another is the ticket itself: Each $9 ticket sold translates into the thousands of dollars the Knights of Columbus of Saint Mary’s Catholic Church invests in our community. Thanks to our sponsors and advertisers, almost all of the expenses before the first pork butt goes on the grill.

Throughout the year, those dollars flow to dozens of nonprofits serving people in need in Rome and Floyd County. While no official tally exists, longtime Knights believe as much as $200,000 has been shared since 1967.

The golden anniversary barbecue is Labor Day at the Rome Civic Center across from Steak ‘n Shake. Doors open at 10 a.m. sharp and stay open until 2 p.m. or sold out. Guests are welcome to dine in or carry out. Options include barbecue plates, sandwiches or bulk sales.

“Every Labor Day weekend, more than 100 Knights and their families unite to serve 2,000-plus either at the civic center or with takeout,” says Jim Powell, barbecue chair. “They cook, chop and serve. There’s no better reward than opening the doors at 10 a.m. to see the guests anxious to join us.”

So what’s on the menu this year? Your Knights’ favorites including:

  • $9 plates with your choice of beef, pork, ribs or a quarter of a chicken, each served with Brunswick stew, baked beans, chips and bread included.
  • A pound of beef or pork to go, $9 each.
  • $5 sandwich combo.
  • $7 for half a chicken or a quart of baked beans.
  • $9 for a quart of Brunswick stew.
  • $18 for a half rack of spare ribs.

You can buy tickets at the door or from any member of the Knights of Columbus. For more, please call Saint Mary’s Catholic Church at 706-290-9000. Also, please see our website, www.kofcromega.us or www.facebook.com/kofcromega, for continuing updates.

Also, we hope you’ll join us in assembling a special memory book of past barbecues. Please share any photos or other items on our Facebook page or contact us at 706-290-9000.

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