Photo gallery of the new sod at Pepperell High’s football stadium.

Photo gallery of the new sod at Pepperell High’s football stadium.

The sprinklers were already going as the new sod arrived Saturday.
A look at some of the hardware on site Saturday.
The new field arrives — or part of it — on Saturday.
You almost want to say, ‘First and goal.’
A different team takes the field on Saturday.
Beginning to take shape.
The home of the Dragons as it starts to come together on Saturday.

Update: The buzz you heard from Pepperell High on Saturday was all about the arrival of sod for the new field at the stadium. We thank Principal Jamey Alcorn for these photos of the big event.


(media release): Floyd County Schools facilities manager David Van Hook, Pepperell High School principal Jamey Alcorn and other authorized personnel met with the contractor and owner of Sports Turf Co. to discuss the progress of Lynn Hunnicutt Field in Dragon Stadium again on Thursday.

Though FCS is still optimistic that the new playing surface will be completed in time for the football game against Pickens High School on Friday, Sept. 1, sod will not be installed on Friday, Aug. 4, as was previously stated. Because of a series of unexpected delays and supply issues plaguing Sports Turf Co., the project is now being taken over by the owner of the company and efforts will continue full steam ahead.

“Fertilizer must be spread before the sod can be installed, so now we are looking at the sod installation taking place next Tuesday at the earliest,” said Van Hook. “We are highly disappointed after learning this news but everyone is working hard to get this done on time.”

Van Hook isn’t the only one who remains optimistic on the project deadline being met. Alcorn said he has faith in the company doing the job and they eased any doubt he had when Sports Turf visited the PHS Local School Governance Team meeting in May to discuss the project with the community. If this does create a relocation of what was supposed to be the first home game of the season, Alcorn believes the Lindale community has the strength to support their Dragons no matter where they play Sept. 1.

“In my 23 years at PHS, I have come to admire and revere the spirit of the PHS family. Although this may be a temporary setback, I know the PHS family will continue to support the school and all of its programs,” he said. “The collective resolve of this community is amazing. Whether playing at home or on the road, the dragon family is always here to support.”

Alcorn and PHS Head Football Coach Rick Hurst are working on contingency plans in case playing at home is pushed back.

“It doesn’t matter where we play. I teach all of my athletes the way we think, practice, and play- you can’t complain about the things you can’t control. We are just going to make the best of it,” said Hurst. “Wherever we have to play, the crowd will come to support us. Yes, we all want to play at home, but if that’s not possible, we will join together as a group and overcome it.”

For more, contact Lenora McEntire, the school system’s Public Relations Manager, at

From Hometown: It looks like a solid option could be the same one PHS used for “midnight madness” Monday night and Tuesday (see below). The Vikings open the season in Maryville on Saturday, Sept. 2, so the football folks most likely would not be able to assist. But . . .

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