Lt. Gov. Cagle applauds State BOE action on Calhoun City School’s Charter System renewal

Lt. Gov. Cagle applauds State BOE action on Calhoun City School’s Charter System renewal


Media release: Yesterday, the Calhoun City School District’s (CCSD) charter was renewed for ten year term by the State Board of Education. This action will allow the CCSD to expand on their initiatives already in place as they continue to institute changes proven to increase student achievement. Charter Systems have been instrumental in advancing innovative polices to realize new educational opportunities in Calhoun.

“Our students deserve access to every resource that allows them pursue a career path that is intellectually stimulating, empowering them to gain employment in their desired field upon graduation,” said Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle. “I want to congratulate Calhoun City Schools on the renewal of their system charter. This is an exciting development for the students, parents, staff and community as they continue to foster an environment that nurtures educational opportunity and success.”

As a part of the charter renewal, CCSD will pursue innovative course design that accounts for varied paces of student learning and unique student interests, facilitate new thinking about engaging instructional experiences and environments for students’ learning needs through the increased use of digital resources, embedded courses, innovative instructional models, and advanced learning opportunities while ensuring that CCSD can meet the unique academic, resource, and support needs of all schools by leveraging flexibility in order to best advance teaching and learning at every school.

CCSD’s mission is to “inspire all students to become life-long learners in the pursuit of excellence” while their vision strives “to have all students exceeding expectations by the year 2020.”

Charter systems have proven effective in addressing the specific and unique needs of individual school systems, embarking on new relationships between each board of education and their communities. Lt. Gov. Cagle has been steadfast in his commitment to embracing new education models where the school becomes an epicenter for community involvement, leading to greater levels of student achievement by increasing pathways to career success.

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