Education: Berry College picked to host the Governor’s Honors Program for gifted high school students next summer.

Education: Berry College picked to host the Governor’s Honors Program for gifted high school students next summer.




Media release: On Aug. 29, the Governor’s Office of Student Achievement announced that the 2017 session of the Governor’s Honors Program will be held on the campus of Berry College. The Governor’s Honors Program is a four-week, summer residential program for gifted and talented high school students in the state of Georgia. Students who participate in GHP attend classes in a wide variety of fields, including communicative arts, engineering, mathematics, science, including agricultural science, social studies, world languages, visual arts, and the performing arts (e.g. music, dance, theatre).

GOSA is committed to creating intentional opportunities for students to experience academic challenges while building meaningful relationships with their fellow students, and GOSA will continue to structure GHP as a program that offers “majors” in academic areas and the arts on one campus. The opportunity for a new location arose from the 2013-2014 GHP strategic planning process, facilitated by the Carl Vinson Institute of Government.

Colleges and universities across the state expressed interest in having an opportunity to host GHP on their respective campuses. In the spring of 2015, GOSA staff began inviting interested colleges and universities to submit proposals to host the summer session. Following a year-long careful evaluation of several proposals, GOSA recognized the unique ability of Berry College to provide appropriate academic and residential space, as well as a strong partnership and 21st century resources to support the continued advancement of the program.

Dr. Stephen Briggs, President of Berry College, says: “We are thrilled to host the Governor’s Honors Program. Berry’s campus is an ideal setting for a residential program that offers innovative and engaging experiences for Georgia’s most talented students. We expect the GHP students to make the most of this amazing place and its academic, artistic and recreational opportunities. What a great way for them to test-drive what college can be.”

Beginning this new partnership with Berry College, GOSA remains committed to ensuring that GHP provides the brightest young minds in Georgia a unique learning experience that cultivates and challenges the next generation of global critical thinkers, innovators, and leaders.

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